Billings Montana Temple

In the picturesque landscape of Billings, Montana, nestled amidst the panoramic beauty, stands a testament to faith and devotion—the Billings Montana Temple. As the 66th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), this sacred structure holds profound significance for the faithful in Montana and Wyoming, offering a sanctuary of peace and spiritual reflection


The inception of the Billings Montana Temple dates back to a pivotal announcement on August 16, 1996. A vision took shape, and ground was broken on March 28, 1998, marking the commencement of a journey toward spiritual edifice. On November 20, 1999, under the grace and guidance of Gordon B. Hinckley, the revered temple was dedicated, becoming a beacon of spiritual fulfillment and community unity.

Adorned with architectural elegance, the temple stands as a tribute to the cherished traditions of the Latter-day Saints. Its design, steeped in meaningful symbolism and intricate detail, echoes a timeless devotion to faith and spirituality. The very silhouette of the temple against the Montana sky embodies a serene invitation to seekers of solace and divine connection. More about Billings here.

Spiritual Rites and Reflections

Within the temple’s sacred walls, patrons embark on a journey of spiritual ordinances and familial connections. While scheduled appointments are encouraged to ensure seamless access, all are welcomed, albeit possibly with extended wait times. Embracing the sanctity of family ties, the temple emphasizes the importance of following the proper sequence of ordinances, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to ancestral roots.


The temple stands as a revered place where members engage in sacred ordinances, fostering spiritual connections and honoring familial ties. Within its hallowed halls, patrons partake in a sequence of significant ceremonies, including:

  • Baptisms: Initiating individuals into the faith through the symbolic act of immersion in water, signifying spiritual rebirth and cleansing.
  • Confirmations: Bestowing the gift of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands, affirming and strengthening the faith of individuals who have been baptized.
  • Sealings: Uniting families for eternity through sacred covenants, binding generations together in a bond that transcends mortal existence.

These ordinances, meticulously performed within the sanctified confines of the temple, serve as pillars of spiritual fulfillment and familial unity, enriching the lives of those who participate.

Services and Amenities

  • Clothing Rental Services: Patrons can conveniently access clothing rental services, ensuring all can participate in the sacred ordinances within the temple’s walls.
  • Cafeteria Access: While there is no on-site cafeteria, nearby dining options cater to the needs of visitors seeking refreshment or sustenance during their spiritual pilgrimage.
  • Distribution Center Nearby: A distribution center in close proximity provides access to religious materials and resources, enriching the spiritual journey for patrons.
  • No Patron Housing Available: Please note that there is no patron housing directly available at the temple. However, the temple strives to provide other amenities to enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Tradition and Milestones

The history woven into the fabric of the Billings Montana Temple echoes the commitment, perseverance, and collective spirit of a devoted community. From the initial stages of planning to the monumental dedication, each step has been marked by unwavering dedication and unwavering faith—a legacy etched in the temple’s very foundation.

A Gentle Reminder for All Seekers

As a sacred space, the Billings Montana Temple remains a sanctuary for seekers of spiritual fulfillment. While appointments ensure smoother access, patrons are encouraged to savor the tranquility and embrace the profound sense of connection to something greater than themselves.

In moments when the temple might need to close or when appointment availability is limited, a gentle reminder resonates—a reminder to check back frequently, consider alternative times, and uphold the courtesy of canceling appointments if unable to attend.

The Billings Montana Temple stands not just as a physical structure but as a beacon of hope, unity, and unwavering devotion—a testament to the rich tapestry of faith that binds communities and generations together.

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