Car & Pickup Buyer's Inspection

Did you purchase a car that hasn't had a safety inspection by an unbiased, third-party professional? An automobile is an everyday necessity for most Billings, MT residents, and any vehicle on the market has hundreds of parts that make up its whole. No matter how reliable the brand of car, truck or SUV you test drive is, it's all about how it was maintained or treated by the previous owner.

Don't expect the auto seller to be as concerned about the mechanical condition as the buyer. Bring your car to ABC Advanced Automotive Service of Billings, MT today for a buyer's inspection for your new vehicle.

A warranty sounds a lot better than it really is most of the time. Just because the vehicle comes with a warranty doesn't mean you want to spend several weeks with your car in a repair shop or purchase a vehicle in poor mechanical condition. ABC Advanced Automotive Service offers a thorough mechanical buyers inspection.

We will spend about an hour listening to operation, checking oil and fluid quality, testing systems, scanning modules and stress-testing suspension steering components. In our experience, most vehicles are traded in or are put on the market for a reason, and some issues may be too costly for an auto dealer or private party to fix properly.

Don't get stuck with an undisclosed mechanical issue or an improperly repaired vehicle. Trust us, we've seen all of the above! Bring your car to us for a buyer's inspection for your vehicle.

Montana vehicles go through unexpected adventures and harsh road conditions that can be hard on even the lowest mileage vehicle. While it's impossible to see all the internal components of an engine, transmission and drive system without costly disassembly, a car buyer’s inspection is well worth the time and money to get a solid picture of a vehicle's overall condition and an idea how it has been treated in the past.

Ask if you may test drive the vehicle to ABC Advanced Automotive Service in Billings, MT for a car buyer’s inspection. Call us ahead of time so we can get you right in. It's typically a one-hour process, and the buyer’s inspection comes with a discount coupon for any necessary repairs if you choose to buy the vehicle.

Another option is to have the seller bring it by for an inspection if they're not comfortable with you driving it alone. You may want to offer to pay or split it with them if they have had not had a recent mechanical inspection done or can't provide decent service records. It's a win-win for them, too, to back up their vehicle with an unbiased, professional mechanical inspection.