Subaru repair

Subaru vehicles are known for their durable cars, reliable engines, and sleek designs. There’s no question how this renowned Japanese automaker acquired a solid following in the US since its introduction in the 1950s. However, these will eventually show issues with age like poor emissions and reduced gas mileage. If you notice any performance dips, it might be time to visit a reputable Subaru repair shop in Billings, MT.

You don’t have to wait for your next mileage-specific maintenance with us. Call ABC Advanced Automotive Services today, and we’ll get your Subaru back on the road in its top condition!

Your Trusted Subaru Repair Experts in Billings, MT

At ABC Advanced Auto Services, we have Subaru repair technicians who are experts in diagnosing and fixing any problem your vehicle might be having. We have been in the auto repair industry since 1967, and we know Japanese cars very well. Our mechanics can get the job done quickly and efficiently, getting your car back on Montana highways in no time.

Our shop in Billings is equipped with state-of-the-art and computerized tools for the job. With experienced Subaru repair mechanics known for their transparent work, you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. 

With a long excellent history of helping drivers in south-central Montana, we can expertly repair all Subaru models released through the years, including the WRX, Ascent, Legacy, Crosstrek, Outback, Stella, Impreza, and many others.

Bumper-to-Bumper Subaru Repair & Service in Billings, MT

From stuck wipers to a sputtering engine, ABC Advanced auto can expertly get the job done. We value your time, so we do same-day and next-day services for most cases. We also offer our bumper-to-bumper services at very competitive rates.

Here are some of the most popular Subaru services provided to  our customers in Montana:

Subaru Startup Repair

Do you have problems starting up your Subaru? You might have a faulty starter motor if turning the key results in just clicking sounds or doesn't work at all. We fix all starter motor and solenoid-related issues to eliminate difficult startups. We also install new spark plugs from our expansive inventory of high-quality replacement parts.

Oil Change for Subaru Vehicles

We have high-quality conventional, synthetic, and high-mileage oils for your Subaru. For example, the Subaru Legacy and Outback require at least the 5W-30 regular oil, while the newest WRX models need a synthetic variant. You should get this service from us every 6,000 miles or six months to keep your engine healthy.

Auto Electrical Diagnostics and Repair

If you have dim headlights or malfunctioning electrical features in your cabin, our experienced Subaru technicians can help. Whether it's your battery, alternator, or wiring, we will accurately diagnose the problem and perform the most effective auto electrical repairs.

Subaru Preventive Maintenance

We cannot overstate the importance of timely maintenance for your Subaru. Our mechanics in Billings will leave no stone unturned to improve your car's handling, overall performance, and gas mileage. Our services include filter replacements, system inspections, automotive fluid changes, and engine tune-ups, among others.

Subaru Repair and Drivetrain Services

Do you notice vibrations and rough handling when you drive at high speeds? If yes, you probably have drivetrain issues on your Subaru. We perform complete drivetrain services to improve performance and handling, from the transmission down to your suspension system. These will also reduce strain on your chassis and improve fuel economy.

We offer dozens of other repair and upkeep services for your Subaru. If you didn't find what you need on this page, just visit our Services Page or give us a call. We will also gladly provide a free estimate.

Subaru Car Buyer's Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is a critical step when you're buying a secondhand Subaru. Whether you are purchasing from an individual seller or a dealer, our team can help you identify the car's repair history and potential issues.

Subaru Repair in Billings, MT

Let ABC Advanced Automotive get your prized Subaru back on the road safely and quickly. For all your auto repair and maintenance needs, just schedule an appointment through our website. You can also call our friendly and honest technicians or drive by our shop at 1175 S 25th St. W. #2, Billings, MT 59102.