A captivating 70-acre expanse known as ZooMontana offers an immersive experience in conservation, education, and the beauty of wildlife. As the state’s singular zoo and botanical park, this haven is more than just a destination.

At ZooMontana, nature thrives harmoniously across its grounds, a diverse tapestry that includes both a zoological and botanical garden. Stroll through its pathways and encounter nearly 100 animals representing 58 unique species. From the majestic grizzly bears to the vibrant avian inhabitants, each animal resides in habitats meticulously crafted to mirror their natural environments.

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Exploring the Diverse Animal Residents of ZooMontana!

  • Alpaca – ZooMontana welcomed both of its Alpacas after they retired from the show circuit. These playful creatures reside in the barn pasture, often engaging in spirited sparring matches.
  • American Badger – Uki found a home at ZooMontana in 2019 after being found next to her shot mother. Bonding closely with her caregivers during rehabilitation, she became a permanent resident.
  • American Mink – Ivy was rescued from a fur farm and now enjoys frolicking in buckets of ice or snow, relishing playtime and snuggling with her favorite toys.

  • Amur Tiger – Sofi and Jasmine, sisters born in Florida, made ZooMontana their home in 2014. Whether it’s a blizzard or a heatwave, these tiger sisters captivate visitors with their resilience.
  • Bald Eagle – Emelio arrived from an Anchorage rehab center, while Tokata, after an accident involving a power line, found solace at ZooMontana, both now thriving in their sanctuary.
  • Ball Python – Hana became part of ZooMontana’s family in 2023, arriving from the Colorado Reptile Humane Society where she was surrendered as a pet.

  • Bearded Dragon – Donated in May 2020 by a volunteer, Moana, an omnivorous dragon, relishes a diverse diet of veggies and insects.
  • Bison – Bert, who endured a broken leg, found solace at ZooMontana in 2018. Bert and Nellie welcomed a calf named Jay in June 2021.
  • California Kingsnake – Taco arrived as a pet surrender in 2018 and now serves as an educational ambassador at ZooMontana.
  • Canada Lynx – Fierca and Opi joined ZooMontana in 2014 from different origins, now thriving in their shared habitat.
  • Cane Toad – Cheech, surrendered as a pet, seeks out her food during late afternoons, exploring her new habitat.
  • Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula – Taboo, a pet surrender in 2015, enjoys leisurely walks with her caretakers.
  • Chinchilla – Minnie and Daisy, both pet surrenders, explore their exhibit, sometimes perched high, other times lounging low.

  • Colombian Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor – Rescued from inadequate conditions, Leroy now enjoys a comfortable life at ZooMontana.

  • Common Garter Snake – The Common Garter snake, a familiar sight in North America, is among the most commonly encountered snakes across the continent.
  • Domestic Chicken – With an astonishing global population exceeding 25 billion, chickens hold the esteemed title of being the world’s most populous bird species.

  • Eastern Screech Owl – Scout, who joined ZooMontana in 2015 after surviving a car strike that left him blind in one eye, is an amiable presence, serving as a beloved educational ambassador.

Plan Your Event

Looking for a unique venue to host your special occasions? Consider ZooMontana, a picturesque setting offering a one-of-a-kind backdrop for various events. Here’s how you can plan your next gathering at this remarkable destination:

  • Weddings and Receptions: Say “I do” amidst the serene surroundings of nature. ZooMontana offers charming outdoor settings, whether it’s a romantic ceremony by the gardens or a lively reception at one of their event spaces.
  • Corporate Gatherings: Impress clients or energize your team with a corporate event in the midst of wildlife. The zoo provides versatile spaces for meetings, team-building activities, and networking events.
  • Birthday Parties: Make your child’s birthday an unforgettable adventure! Host a wild and fun-filled party with close encounters with animals and exciting activities within the zoo.
  • Family Reunions: Bring the whole family together for a memorable reunion in the tranquil ambiance of ZooMontana. Enjoy the day exploring wildlife and creating cherished memories.
  • Educational Programs: Organize a school field trip or educational outing for groups of all ages. The zoo’s educational programs offer a blend of entertainment and learning, making it an ideal spot for school visits.
  • Customized Events: Whether it’s a fundraiser, a themed event, or a unique celebration, ZooMontana’s dedicated events team can assist in customizing your event to suit your preferences.

ZooMontana’s picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife, and commitment to conservation make it a standout venue for any occasion. For inquiries, reservations, or to learn more about available packages and amenities, contact ZooMontana’s events team through their official website to directly contact the team.

Make your next event truly memorable by choosing ZooMontana as your venue!


ZooMontana isn’t just a place to encounter fascinating animals; it’s a hub of vibrant events and engaging activities. Stay tuned for specific dates and details regarding these events. Check ZooMontana’s official website or social media channels for updated schedules and information on how to participate in these enriching experiences!

Available Rentals

Explore the variety of rental options available to suit your specific needs and preferences:

  • Entire Zoo Rental: For large-scale events or exclusive gatherings, consider renting the entire zoo! Immerse yourself in the full ZooMontana experience, offering your guests a private and unforgettable adventure through the zoo’s extensive grounds and exhibits.
  • EEC ZooPavilion: The Environmental Education Center (EEC) ZooPavilion provides a covered outdoor space, ideal for smaller gatherings, workshops, or intimate celebrations. Enjoy the serene ambiance surrounded by nature.
  • Sensory Garden: Host a unique event in the tranquil and enchanting Sensory Garden. This beautiful outdoor setting offers a sensory experience amidst vibrant flora, perfect for intimate gatherings or special occasions.
  • Planet 106.7 Pavilion: This pavilion offers a designated space within the zoo, providing a covered area for events, meetings, or parties. It offers convenience and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your event while being close to the zoo’s attractions.

Each rental option at ZooMontana offers its own distinctive setting and ambiance, catering to various event sizes and themes. To inquire about availability, pricing, and additional details for these rental spaces, reach out to ZooMontana’s events team through their official website or contact them directly.

Make your event a memorable affair amidst the captivating backdrop of ZooMontana’s natural beauty and wildlife!

Plan Your Visit to ZooMontana!

Embark on an exciting journey through wildlife and nature by planning your visit to ZooMontana. Here’s a guide to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience:

  • Check the Schedule: Before your visit, take a peek at ZooMontana’s operating hours and special event schedules. Ensure the zoo is open and review any ongoing events or animal encounters you don’t want to miss.
  • Purchase Tickets: Secure your entry by purchasing tickets in advance. Explore various ticket options, including day passes, family packages, or annual memberships, providing flexibility and savings for frequent visits.
  • Map Your Route: ZooMontana spans 70 acres, so mapping out your route through the zoo ensures you cover all the exhibits and attractions you’re most interested in. Don’t forget to explore the different zones housing diverse wildlife and botanical wonders.
  • Special Encounters: Plan your visit around special animal encounters, educational talks, or feeding sessions. Check the schedule to witness these enriching experiences and get up close with your favorite animals.
  • Prepare for the Outdoors: Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather, as ZooMontana is an outdoor experience. Don’t forget sunscreen, hats, comfortable walking shoes, and water to stay hydrated during your adventure.
  • Picnic and Relax: Take advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces! Pack a picnic and enjoy a relaxing break amid the scenic landscapes. Several designated areas offer ideal spots for a leisurely lunch or snack.
  • Connect with Nature: Engage with the zookeepers and educators to learn fascinating insights about the animals and their habitats. Participate in interactive exhibits and educational programs to enhance your visit.
  • Shop and Support: Don’t miss the opportunity to grab souvenirs or gifts from the zoo’s gift shop. Your purchases contribute to the zoo’s conservation efforts and support wildlife initiatives.
  • Stay Updated: Check ZooMontana’s website or social media channels for any last-minute updates, new exhibits, or additional experiences that might enhance your visit.

Plan ahead, embrace the wonders of nature, and make the most of your visit to ZooMontana for a day filled with adventure, learning, and fun!

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