Maintenance Made Easy At ABC Advanced Automotive Service

Keeping your vehicle maintained is the number one thing you can do to avoid an unexpected costly breakdown. At ABC Advanced Automotive Service we provide you with a maintenance schedule along with the current condition of your vehicle. Our service writer will take the time to go through this mileage based maintenance report and let you know the what is a current priority and what is to be expected for future visits.

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Critical Maintenance Items

Critical Maintenance Items

Many vehicles on the road today have belt driven timing systems. If a timing belt brakes the engine can suffer irreversible damage. Most timing belts require replacement ever 60-90,000 miles. Engine spark plugs can cause poor fuel mileage and lack of of power. When the spark plug is worn out the extra fuel that is not being burned can foul expensive emission system components such as oxygen sensors and carbon build up EGR systems. Transmissions require clean oil for their intricate valvebody systems. Most transmissions should be serviced every 60,000 miles to avoid shift quality concerns or premature mechanical wear. Our technicians at ABC Advanced Automotive service specialize in inspecting and informing you on the condition of your critical maintenance items.

Discounted Maintenance Packages

Your vehicle manufacturer has a documented maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle. At ABC Advanced Automotive Service we offer discounted mileage based service packages. We can print out a proposal with cost savings for your 30-60-90k mile service and go though the requirements with you. These services keep your vehicle from lack of maintenance mechanical breakdowns at an affordable price!