Lexus repair

As Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus has produced stylish and reliable cars renowned worldwide. However, even durable vehicles like the Lexus GX and RX will inevitably show wear without timely repairs and maintenance. If you’re searching for quality Lexus repair in Billings, MT, look no further than ABC Advanced Automotive Services!

Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing the best possible service to get your car back on the road. Whether you need a simple oil change or more complex repairs, we have the skills, experience, and tools to get the job done right the first time.

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Why Choose Us for Lexus Repair & Maintenance?

There are many reasons to choose ABC Advanced Auto for Lexus repair in Billings, MT. As a locally-owned business, we understand the needs of drivers in our community. We also have over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry and stellar history of helping Lexus drivers in the region. With our team on the job. you can rest assured that your luxury car is in good hands.

Read our customer reviews to see why we get countless 5-star ratings from Lexus owners around Montana. Besides excellent repairs and competitive prices, our clients have pointed out immediate benefits of getting Lexus services from us:

  • improved gas mileage and emissions
  • more efficient and powerful engine performance
  • no more vibrations when driving at high speeds
  • more responsive braking
  • quieter operations, and many more

Our Lexus repair specialists perform a wide range of services using factory-grade tools. We have all your Lexus repair needs covered, from simple wiper blade replacements to complex transmission repairs. We offer a free consultation so you can get an accurate quote before we start any work.

Lexus Repair Services that We Offer

At ABC Advanced Automotive, we work on all makes and models of Lexus vehicles. This includes the popular Lexus RX, GS, LS, and ES models, along with  hybrid models such as the Lexus NX and CT. No matter what type of Lexus you have, we can help!

We also offer various services to meet your needs. We specialize in Lexus repair and servicing imported luxury vehicles, so you can trust us to get the job done right. 

Our wide range of maintenance services will keep your car running like new. Here are some of the most popular services provided to Lexus owners in Montana:

Lexus oil changes

Our shop in Billings, MT, has high-quality synthetic oils designed for Lexus cars. These will help lubricate your engine, lower the risks of overheating, and improve overall performance.

Tire rotation and replacement

We can rotate your tires to help them wear evenly and last longer. We also offer tire replacements when it's time for a new set. Moreover, we perform computerized wheel alignments to give you more comfortable rides.

Lexus brake repairs

If your brakes are feeling spongy or unresponsive, call our Lexus specialists in Billings right away. We can replace your brake pads or repair other components like drums and rotors to ensure your safety on the road.

Engine tune-ups

We offer engine tune-ups to help improve performance and fuel economy. This service includes replacing spark plugs, air filters, and other parts as needed.

Coolant flushes

Over time, the fluid inside your radiator can become contaminated and needs to be replaced. We perform flushes to thoroughly clean the cooling system before injecting fresh coolant.

Lexus transmission service

Your Audi's transmission requires regular fluid replacement to function smoothly. ABC Advanced Auto can also fix issues like gear slippage, grinding or shaking when in neutral, and refusal to switch gears.

Lexus air conditioner repair

Does your AC fail to cool your cabin enough? Maybe your car is low on refrigerant, or its compressor is failing. Our Lexus HVAC technicians in Billings can diagnose the problem, recharge your AC refrigerant, or replace the compressor if necessary.

Lexus Repair in Billings, MT

Whether you need repairs or it is time for your mileage-specific maintenance, don’t hesitate to call ABC Advanced Automotive. We guarantee that your prized Lexus runs better after an appointment with us.

Just give us a ring or schedule a service through our website. Our friendly and trustworthy technicians will get in touch with you shortly. You can also visit our Lexus repair facility at 1175 S 25th St. W. #2, Billings, MT 59102.