Volkswagen repair

Do you notice rough handling, weird noises from under the hood, and other performance issues on your Volkswagen? Or is it simply time for its scheduled maintenance? Either way, you should entrust your premium car only to reputable Volkswagen repair specialists in Billings like us!

At ABC Advanced Automotive Services, we know that your Volkswagen is a precious investment that you want to keep reliable and durable for many years. That is why we offer accurate repairs and thorough maintenance, backed by more than 50 years of solid industry experience.

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Your Go-To Volkswagen Repair Shop in Billings, MT

Since the 1930s, the German automaker Volkswagen has consistently released stylish vehicles with reliable performance. Almost a century later, its modern cars are now equipped with cutting-edge technologies and computerized features. They also have sophisticated designs, which are products of European automotive engineering.

You should choose no less than experienced Volkswagen repair technicians for the job.

Our repair mechanics in Billings know most Volkswagen models like the back of their hands. Equipped with factory-grade tools and continual training, we can expertly repair most models released through the years. These include the Arteon, Passat, Atlas, Tiguan, and ID. Buzz. ABC Advanced Auto also handles commercial vehicles like the Volkswagen Caddy, Grand California, and Transporter.

We have been around since 1967, and we have a stellar track record of helping Volkswagen owners in Billings and surrounding areas in south-central Montana. Entrusting your vehicle’s repairs and upkeep with us is one of the best investments you can make today.

Volkswagen Repair Services and Parts Replacement

As your one-stop automotive shop, we offer an expansive menu of auto repairs and factory-scheduled services for your Volkswagen. Whether you need an oil filter replacement, starter motor repair, or a belt replacement, our mechanics in Billings can expertly handle it.

If some non-serviceable parts are damaged beyond repair, we will install only long-lasting replacements. These include spark plugs, water pumps, oil filters, coolant hoses, and timing belts. You can have peace of mind that our spare parts are sourced from reputable OEM suppliers.

Here are some of the most popular services provided to Volkswagen owners in Billings:

  • Volkswagen fuel system repair
  • Start-up repair
  • Battery and auto electrical inspection
  • Drivetrain repair and maintenance
  • Suspension, shocks, and struts
  • Tire services and alignments
  • Transmission repair, etc.

Contact us or visit our Services Page for a complete list of our offerings. 

Volkswagen Repair & Computer Diagnostics

At ABC Advanced Auto, we deliver accurate diagnostics and on-point service recommendations. Our team guarantees your Volkswagen will be back on the road ASAP without you spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary repairs.

Our import car specialists use the latest onboard diagnostic (OBD-2) scanners and computerized tools to identify faults in your vehicle. If your check engine and dashboard warning lights are up, just contact us, and we will get down to their root causes.

Engine Repair & Tune-ups for Volkswagen

Combustion engines of Volkswagen cars are often enhanced by proprietary technologies for improving their performance and fuel efficiency. These include fuel-stratified injection and turbocharged direct injection systems.

You need qualified and trained Volkswagen repair mechanics like us to keep these engines in top shape. So call us right away if you notice the following issues:

  • grinding or whining noises from under the hood
  • poor fuel efficiency
  • difficult start-ups and sudden power losses
  • poor emissions 
  • rough idling and any other performance issues

We can fix your engine before these problems become more costly repairs down the line. Our shop also offers oil changes and mileage-specific tune-ups to keep your car in top condition. You can choose from our wide selection of quality automotive fluids and synthetic oils formulated for Volkswagen cars.

Volkswagen Repair & Miscellaneous Services in Billings, MT

We are not just the best Volkswagen dealer alternative but the #1 choice for repair and maintenance in Billings. Our services cover all miscellaneous components from bumper to bumper, including simple filter replacements and more complex procedures like radiator repairs.

We also have Volkswagen HVAC experts who can restore your AC to its original efficiency. Our shop offers refrigerant flushing and replacement to keep your car cool and comfortable.

Volkswagen Repair in Billings, MT

Let us help you keep your Volkswagen reliable and durable for many years to come. Schedule an appointment today or drive by our auto repair shop at 1175 S 25th St. W. #2, Billings, MT 59102.